27 th November, 7PM

Brad Downey /Rwo Stone/ Matt Murphy

Pflügerstr. 11   Berlin- neukölln

Game of Skull

The aim of game of skull is to carry out the most heinous crimes in order to appease out lord skull. These include pimping, murdering, sex trafficking, cruelty to animals and generally amassing a grand, ill-gotten fortune and empire you can control from your enormous mansion. Other occupations can include pornography production, pimping your ride, molesting nuns,* and sacrificing virgins in honour of skull. The player with the greatest number of skull “props” (points) at the end of the game will be crowned “Grand Pope of Skull,” and the other players shall praise him.
(*also …. genocide, torture, making Peter go “buckwild”)

Workshop Backjumps vol.4.2 / Junior Issue

Simon says…..sign the city!

thanks to Adrian and Moritz

nothing but quality street

pictures + video from the last Nothing but group show here

nothing but pictures

some pics from the last nothing but print from The Wa’s project here!

The WA

see you soon!

Nothing but baking

11th december, nothingbutprinting was invited by Akim to take part of „Wir kriegen’s gebacken in the urban-art.info galerie in Berlin. We tried to print the programm of the event , making everything o out of kitchen stuffs, and using tasty eatable „ink“….


as usual, thanks a lot to Just for the pictures…more here!




chili print

nothing but chill

sunday september 1th

nothing but chilling in Praha after the Namesfest

nothing but poscards

sunday august 10th

a screen-printer from München came to visit us for a quick print!

thanks to dkmnews & c_l…..was great!

nothing but ice cream

sunday august 3th

ice cream in Mauer park, Berlin

70 cts pro kugel!

nothing but printing!

friday May 16th

opening party of the nothingbutprinting project!

be ready to be printed!

nothing but free weapons!

May 1st, nothingbutprinting was under a bus stop in Mariannenplatz, berlin, printing weapons for free….